Meet pira

A tool patients trust right in their pocket; when they're on their own, they're never alone.

Empower patients

Patients are supported between sessions with learning and skill modules

Reward good behaviors

Positive behaviors are are rewarded with digital and monetary rewards

Provide lifetime support

Multiple support networks are available to help patients through difficult times

Increase treatment efficacy

When your patient begins treatment they have access to learning modules, resilience building skills, and coping skills so they can begin to identify and practice the skills that work for them to manage their urges. As they develop trust and experience success they develop an attachment to the therapeutic process and the Proof in Recovery application (pira). As your patient continues their treatment at a lower level of care or ends treatment, they continue to have lifetime access to the tool suite they created with your care team.

Contingency management

Recovery is difficult and rewarding positive behavior change makes continuing care and recovery easier and improves treatment plan adherence. Digital and monetary rewards have been curated to reinforce the therapeutic process such as affirmations to promote positive attitude, books to promote continued learning, and coffee to promote social interaction. Engaging your patients during their recovery keeps them healthy and provides the data needed to prove outcomes.

Individualized support

Everyone's social needs and support systems are different so we offer multiple ways they can engage the treatment community and their personal support system. For close family, friends, and sponsors a Proof in Recovery Support (pirs) application can be downloaded and used to communicate, share treatment or recovery details, and plan to attend recovery meetings together. For patients that haven't established a close support network, Proof in Recovery makes finding in-person and digital meetings easy through an established community like AA or through their treatment alumni program.

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