More revenue, less work

Justify care before, during, and after treatment.

Simplify intake

A fully managed patient driven intake process that collects more patient data

Drive revenue

Communicate exactly why a patient needs treatment with real-time data

Prove outcomes

Demonstrate the long-term treatment success created by your team

Streamline intake

Make intake easy with pira. Either before your patient is admitted or directly following detox, pira's ability to gather data will reduce your administrative burden. Your patient is carefully guided through the onboarding process where medical history, insurance, releases of information, and clinical assessments are gathered. This data is socialized across your entire organization empowering each member of your team.

Improve utilization reviews

Assessment, urge, skill development, and behavior data give you the data needed to justify treatment and ensure care is reimbursed appropriately. Your team can easily document each component of a utilization review and effectively manage the process.

Prove treatment efficacy

Providing your patients with the digital tools needed to be successful and engaged throughout treatment and recovery is the foundation for effective long-term outcome studies. Find out how Proof in Recovery can help you gather the data you need to identify quality improvement opportunities or establish your facility as a center of excellence. Reach out now!