Your treatment, supported

Provide the exact treatment for your patient's real-time needs.

Easily monitor patients

Patient assessment, urge, and behavior data combined to understand patient risk

Reinforce your care

Your care continues between sessions with learning and skill modules

Simplify treatment plans

Eliminate your paperwork so you can focus on helping patients

Real-time patient risk

Aggregated and prioritized patient assessments identify patient risks and strengths on day one. Detailed metrics are easily accessed with drillable dashboards so you can fully understand a patient's disease state. Monitoring care plan adherence makes it simple to understand your patients' motivation level. As your patients use digital skills you can see which are successfully managing urges. Behavior data allows you to know in real-time when a patient is at risk so you can intervene in times of crisis.

Treatment between sessions

Save your clinical time by implementing digital learning modules, resilience building skills, and coping skills that patients can use between sessions. As your patient progresses through treatment you can easily identify when urges are at their worst and which skills work to manage those urges on the clinical dashboard. The real-time digital usage of skills to manage urges help you understand the root cause of patient's triggers so together you can find the proper way to cope.

Provide individualized care

Designed for clinicians, by clinicians. Your treatment preferences and a patient's risk drive treatment plan automation. Patients can digitally sign your care plan and are encouraged to complete assigned readings and practice skills with reminders between sessions. Digital learning modules and practice skills that you can tailor to your treatment plan and your patient's willingness and preparedness to engage in the next stage of treatment.

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