Zachary Ratliff lost his father at 17 years old to an opioid overdose. In order to continue high school, he emancipated himself from his alcoholic mother. As he continued through college and his healthcare analytics career, Zachary helped friends struggling with the disease that destroyed his family. One friend's struggle led him to his future cofounders.

Dr. Christine Schneider, PHD, LCSW and Deana Wilson were running a treatment center in St. Louis when the three met. They had experienced first hand the struggle to treat patients without the tools to assess and monitor patients let alone prove treatment outcomes.

Together they founded Proof in Recovery to develop the clinical platform necessary to deliver quality care, support patients after treatment, and finally prove outcomes because that's what their friends, family, and patients deserve.

Our mission is to work with providers to improve care, prove outcomes, and reduce the cost of care

We envision a healthcare system where patients are at the center of care, quality dictates provider reimbursements, and treatment is driven by empirical data

Chris Schneider PHD, LCSW

Clinical genius

Zachary Q Ratliff

Tech & data guru

Deana Wilson

Administrative ninja